rayne_y_daze (rayne_y_daze) wrote,

Um, no real subject. Just rayne being too far-gone to care.

I can write bad!fic without trying. Why? Because I’m not a professional author (YET). I have some characters about whom I feel pretty strongly, and one or two that, in my very humble opinion, I write rather well. If someone has a problem with my characterization because, I don’t know, my Ethan isn’t evil enough, or my Spike is too dark? well, bring it. I don’t mean that to sound like the challenge it most certainly sounds like, but come on. Bring it. If my Wes is too weak, tell me! If your Angel is too mentally thick, I’m gonna say something. The bottom line is, this is fanfic, and we are fans. If your writing doesn’t measure up to what I think a fan should produce, then that’s my problem (and my prerogative to write.) If my writing sucks big donkey dicks, then tell me. If you’re unwilling to do so (I choose to believe it's because of concern for my feelings, not cowardice), then post it in your own journal. Will my feelings be hurt? Oh, you betcha. Will I have any right to complain about content in your journal? Can I re-write your diary? I didn’t think so.

By the way…this is why Rayne doesn’t post when she’s a) drinking bourbon b) not writing. To all who deserve this, I apologize.
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