rayne_y_daze (rayne_y_daze) wrote,

A Giles Drabble

Title: Regrettable Indulgences
Author: rayne_y_daze
Fandom: BtVS
Rating: G+
Pairing: Mention of G/E. Current pairing not specified
Word Count: 100
A/N: Written for ashthedrabble

Giles looked at the bottle on the counter. Glenmorangie – an extravagance, but one he allowed himself occasionally.

He remembered the first time he'd tried scotch. He'd been with Ethan, of course. Everything he did back then had been with Ethan. But, back then, it hadn't been the high-priced bottle before him now. No, cheap had been the order of the day. Unlike last night.

Last night, beers at a pub turned into Glenmorangie at his flat before devolving into a tangle of limbs on the sofa.

He looked at the bottle, still half full, and poured it down the sink.
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