rayne_y_daze (rayne_y_daze) wrote,

Mixed feelings...

My son, his girlfriend(s?), and my youngest daughter are watching "Once More With Feeling." I surely thought I'd have made boyo sick of this ep, but he actually looked at one of his girls and said "You're ruining it for everybody!" when she kept talking through the songs... ::pets him::

I'm cool to hang out in my office till Mr. Battles does his thing. Cause, yeah, there's a reason he's gotten 3 Tony's... I may sneak out for Giles and Spike too...

Anyway, after that? They're switching to Angel (what the talkie girl wants), and my youngest is pleading for "Hero." Love that ep, but I may try to push for "Spin the Bottle." Something about goofy!Wes and badass!Wes cohabitating in an episode just makes for a happy Rayne.

ETA: Okay, "Rest In Peace"? Unreasonably hot. ::scurries off to see Hinton's entrance::
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