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For Slash the Drabble [27 Oct 2006|08:16am]
Here's a response to the challenge over at slashthedrabble:

Hard Lesson Learned
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Fall for Spike Art [27 Oct 2006|07:04am]
::crawls out from under rock::

Mornin', all!

Just posting a link to my offering (art) for fall_for_spike. Enjoy - free for any and all.

My posting day
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Open on Sunday Challenge [16 May 2006|02:18pm]
The challenge was (still is until 9PST, actually) Mother's Day. Here's 100 words for Dawnie.
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Big Day! [14 May 2006|05:57pm]
To all the moms and mums on my f-list, happy Mothers' Day!

Also, today has the additional honor of being anidada's birthday - Happy Birthday! I hope it's truly lovely *hugs*
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It's alive!!! [08 May 2006|04:40pm]
My muse - it's alive! Well, kind of. I managed 100 words for the open_on_sunday challenge, First Times. Whee!


With a satchel of books on one shoulder and more books in his arms, Giles made his way to the school entrance with a frown. Something felt off, but he couldn't quite say what. Shifting the books to give himself a free hand, he reached for the door and froze, his hand halfway to the handle. With a deep breath, he pushed through the door and uttered a silent apology. It was the first time he hadn't looked for Jenny – the first time he forgot to forget that she was gone. He didn't want to think what that meant yet.
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Post of shame... [29 Apr 2006|04:15pm]
::hangs head::

I have signed up for a number of ficathons, but I honestly can't remember which ones. Worse - I have to back out of all of them. So, with that, I'm doing the ultimately uncool and doing a blanket backout. I haven't been able to write a lick in a very long time - not even 100 words for my own drabble community! Hopefully, that will pass, but, for right now, I just need to give myself a break. Maybe once the guilt of not writing for assignments lessens, I'll be able to do some stuff. Anyway, this isn't me taking the chicken way out. If you're hosting a ficathon for which I've signed up, please let me know so that I can apologize to you personally - face to face, so to speak. I'm really sorry about this, but I promise not to sign up for anything else until I know I can produce.

- Rayne
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No time to say hello, goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late! [24 Apr 2006|02:58pm]
I can't believe I'm late!!! *hangs head in shame* Yesterday was the splendiforous twilightofmagic's birthday! I hope it was fantastic - happy birthday, sweets!
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Update on the hair saga... [18 Apr 2006|03:35pm]
Okay, I'm gonna go for it. Barring catastrophe, I'm stopping on my way home to get a haircut. *crosses fingers* There were several very interesting ideas - including the short-short and black suggestion that actually worked on me 20 years ago :-) Actually, I love really short hair and have often gone the just-take-it-all-off route. This time, though, unless I change my mind, I'm going for shoulder length. ::nod:: More later.
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Birthday Wishes [18 Apr 2006|03:31pm]
Happy Birthday, tabaqui! I hope it's glorious :-)
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A completely unimportant question... [17 Apr 2006|04:44pm]
but I need input!

I'm thinking about getting a hair cut. Here's some info...

Currently, my hair goes to the middle of my back. It's the longest it's ever been. It's kinky, faded out auburn (read strawberry bland) on the last foot of hair, my natural dishwater blond/grey at the roots. It's not a drastic difference, so most people don't even pay it any attention. It tends to frizz, but I don't have bad hair days. If a bad hair day looks imminent, I thrown in a french braid or pop it into a ponytail. I'm short with medium build.

I'm thinking about going with something shoulder length, but I'm having trouble committing.
pros, cons and poll behind cutCollapse )
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Meme [17 Apr 2006|02:33pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Gakked from elfgirljen

Which Dr. Who character am I?Collapse )

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Birthday wishes [17 Apr 2006|02:11pm]
Happy belated birthday to jans_intentions! I hope it was fantastic! ::smooch::
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thus spammed Rayne... [14 Apr 2006|12:03pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Gakked from sparklebutch

Okay, everyone knows that bwaindump is the poet in my family. But - if I were a poet, I would be...
My inner poetCollapse )

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Squeeeee! [14 Apr 2006|08:32am]

My hubby is an


We just got notification last night that his sonnet (#31) won 1st place in an international poetry competition - out of 110 finalists and over 1000 entries!

::jumps up and down::

::quietly returns to proctoring a make-up final::

And I have a sneaking feeling that this is just the beginning!
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Updatey stuff [10 Apr 2006|09:24pm]
Well, it's been a while. Behind a cut because it's loooooooongCollapse )
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Birthday Wishes [03 Apr 2006|09:02pm]
It's entrenous88's birthday?!?!?

Happy Birthday!

I hope it's fantabulous.
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Drive by icon post [02 Apr 2006|08:28pm]
Okay, I promise to post something explaining where the f*** I've been, but I have to answer a few emails first. With that, I'm alive, and here are a couple of icons off of a cuuuuuuuuuuuuute ASH post by venus_blue.

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Birthday Wishes [22 Feb 2006|06:21am]
Belated birthday wishes for blinding_sight, and early birthday wishes for mistress_mab...

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Meme [16 Feb 2006|07:19pm]
Huh. I've never had a quiz ask me a tie-breaker question before... Gakked from elfgirljen. Behind a cut 'cause it's huuuuuuuuuuge! Well, big enough to stretch my page, so...
my scifi profileCollapse )
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Hee! [16 Feb 2006|03:41pm]
I can't remember where I saw this, but it's a hoot!

Behind a cut, 'cause it cusses *blush*
How Jedi Am I?Collapse )
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